Credits: new in the fight against over-indebtedness

    Negotiations about positive file After years of negotiations, the positive file could finally see the light of day . François Baroin, Minister of Economy and Finance, received yesterday a report on the creation of a positive file, a national register listing credit to individuals, in accordance with the provisions of the law of

How not to spoil relationships with finance

People are often not quite honest about their financial situation. Car leasing, mortgages and loans are common burdens that partners bring into a relationship. But we need to talk about them. But a man’s indebtedness often reflects his financial habits. Financial problems can kill the relationship   Even if you have separate accounts, financial problems

How to borrow but not fly

Loan is a quick and easy solution, moreover, when you do not have to go anywhere and handle everything via the Internet from home. Actually, you just need to choose the best lender. But how do you correctly assess that it is the right choice and not a fraud? What should a non-banking company want

Real estate credit: the ten steps to know

  The news in March is marked by the ” real estate spring “, a period when a large number of borrowers start their acquisition project in order to move in before September. To help you better understand your steps, here are the ten steps to know to subscribe a mortgage. 1. You sign the

Conso credit: yes, interim rhymes with loan

  Can temporary workers access consumer loans ?Their status and their random revenues are not really likely to reassure the lenders. However, like temporary or intermittent, temporary workers can also claim this type of loan. An open loan for all types of projects Partner organizations of the Credit Credither Guide offer credit offers tailored to

Real estate credit: not so indebted the French!

No, France is not necessarily a bad student on a European scale! In real estate loans, she is even a model . An annual survey conducted by loan company reveals that the French owners are not more indebted than their neighbors, and secondly, that the interest rates in the Hexagon are the lowest of the

Long – term mortgage raises money

Still a short article that is worth it. How can you earn money on a longer-term mortgage when most of us assume that you will have to pay more interest in the long term together with the housing bonus reform. And yet it is possible. The reason for this is that the interest rates at